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Information About:
Library Rules Page 2
  1. No pets will be allowed in the Library except seeing-eye dogs for the blind or other assistive animals.

  2. Maintain reasonable quiet in the Library. If you are disturbed by excessive noise, ask the reference librarian about the noise policy in the Library. There is a quiet area set aside for your convenience.

  3. Anyone creating a disturbance of any kind may be asked to stop by the reference librarian. Any patron refusing to comply is subject to removal by the police.

  4. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children in the Library. Children in the Library without a supervising adult will be required to observe the same rules as adults. Those creating a disturbance who do not respond to correction will be required to leave. It is not acceptable to leave children unattended for an indefinite period of time. Children in the Library at closing time will be required to leave. Parents are responsible for picking up children on time.

  5. Soliciting, panhandling or selling items or services not authorized by the Director is not permitted in the Library or on Library grounds.

  6. No person shall bring on to or possess a concealed firearm on Library property unless that person has a valid conceal carry permit issued by the State of New Mexico or issued by another state and recognized by the State of New Mexico as valid.  No person shall bring on to or possess a firearm on Library property who is prohibited from possessing a firearm under federal or state law.  No person shall possess any of the following items on Library property: firearms (unless possession is valid under New Mexico law), any type of knife (other than pocket knives) whether or not sheathed; objects with blades such as axes or swords, or sharp pointed canes; brass knuckles; nunchucks, chains, batons, clubs or other bludgeons; explosive or incendiary devices, or other potentially dangerous objects.

  7. Cell phone ring shall be changed to vibrate upon entering the Library. Cell phone conversations must be conducted outside the Library.

  8. Library bathrooms may not be used for bathing, washing clothes, shaving or other personal hygiene activities..


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